David Gulden The Centre Cannot Hold

David Gulden: The Centre Cannot Hold

Having spent the last 20 years in Africa photographing wildlife alongside the likes of Peter Beard, David Gulden has come to understand that his endeavour is more than one to create appealing artworks, but instead to create a document of the declining landscape of all the precious creatures that live there.

In 95 black-and-white photographs that feature tranquility, bursts of action, portraiture, and the natural canvas of the animals and their environments, he visualises for us the concept of global change so famously described by William Yeats in his poem, ‘The Second Coming,’ and from which the inspired title of this work derives.

Join this extraordinary photographer and environmentalist, David Gulden, on a phenomenal personal yet universal safari that until the publication of this book would not have been possible except through actual travel; a safari where nature’s creatures are captured with greater intimacy and artistry than one would have thought possible.

The CENTRE CANNOT HOLD by David Gulden, foreward by Susan Minot, Copyright© 2012, published by Glitterati Incorporated

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David Gulden’s Secret Knowledge

David Gulden’s latest publication is a zine titled David Gulden’s Secret Knowledge. The zine is an informal, tongue-in-cheek supplement to Gulden’s highly acclaimed photo book, The Centre Cannot Hold. In the zine, every image from The Centre Cannot Hold is shown in its original (RAW) format, prior to post-production. In an interview between Gulden and Dudley Vanetree behind-the-scene facts and ideas are delved into. David Gulden’s Secret Knowledge also includes several other photos from Gulden’s ongoing photography adventures. 

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