DG –congratulations on the best African wildlife photos yet.

Gulden captures animals in all their wonder and intrigue, without glorifying or romanticizing them. He knows Kenya’s wildlife intimately and it shows in the depth of his images. He has an artist’s eye, which delivers beauty and transport in every picture.

Mr. Gulden works in two great photographic traditions—that of Edward Curtis, who devoted his life to documenting the passing of a way of life, and that of Ansel Adams, who wanted to make photos of nature that were indelible. To have combined them is another remarkable accomplishment.

The product of Gulden’s efforts is a beautiful collection of true wildlife photography that provides the reader with a unique perspective of nature—one that is not preoccupied with manicured landscapes, generic compositions, or predictable framing. It’s a must-have title for both animal and photography enthusiasts alike.

A mix of masterful portraits, action shots and tranquil moments in the intimacy of their habitat, Gulden’s work aims to capture the individual personality of the animals.

I gave David Gulden a small bit of advice while he was building this work, keep it wild, keep it honest. He has far exceeded my encouragement and created an artistic vision that does both with passion and respect.

Gulden’s black and white still portraits…are breathtaking… The Centre Cannot Hold is a superb photographic document of a disappearing world.

His photographs are breathtaking! It has been awhile since I have been so excited by anyone’s imagery. I am thrilled to see the dedication and pure artistry so carefully crafted in each frame. Truly it is a joy for another photographer to have this book in her hands.

To discover David Gulden’s photographs is like reading all the adventure stories you loved as a child. First, there were Sir Wilfred Thesiger’s photographs of the Arabs living in the desert. Then there were Bradford Washburn’s photographs of mountains conquered and unconquered. And now, there is David’s photographic record of animal life in the wild.

A wonderful collection of images.

Raising the bar of wildlife photography is not easy, but this time it has been so effectively done that David Gulden’s work will stand alone for some time. Amazing, inspiring and awesome or simply wow!